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HumanaChoice H5216-023 (PPO)
HumanaChoice H5216-024 (PPO)
HumanaChoice H5216-106 (PPO)
HumanaChoice H5216-116 (PPO)
HumanaChoice H5216-120 (PPO)
Humana USAA Honor (PPO)
HumanaChoice H5216-285 (PPO)
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5216-373 (PPO D-SNP)
HumanaChoice H5216-395 (PPO)
HumanaChoice H5525-005 (PPO)
HumanaChoice H5525-017 (PPO)
HumanaChoice H5525-051 (PPO)
HumanaChoice H5525-058 (PPO)
Humana USAA Honor with Rx (PPO)
HumanaChoice H5525-060 (PPO)
HumanaChoice R0923-001 (Regional PPO)
HumanaChoice R0923-002 (Regional PPO)
Humana Gold Choice H8145-052 (PFFS)
Humana Gold Choice H8145-055 (PFFS)
Humana Gold Choice H8145-163 (PFFS)
Humana Gold Plus H6622-035 (HMO)
Humana Gold Plus H6622-036 (HMO)
Humana Gold Plus H6622-037 (HMO)
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H6622-078 (HMO D-SNP)
Medicare PPO/Employer PPO Plus
Medicare PPO
HumanaGoldChoice Ntwk PFFS
Natl Medicare HMO/SNP-Travel
Gold Plus HMO PA
Gold Plus HMO- Southern NJ
National Employer HMO-Home

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